Consignor Registration Page
To consign with us, you will need to register online to receive access to our Consignor Information Pages and your personal Consignor Homepage.

To register:

  • Click the Consignor Registration Button at the top of our website.
  • Complete the consignor registration form.
  • Sign the consignor seller agreement.
  • Pay your $10 consignor fee through PayPal.

After you have completed your registration, you will receive a consignor number. Please record your consignor number and password. Your consignor number will give you access to our Consignor Information Pages and your Consignor Homepage.

Please allow 48 hours for access to our Consignor Information Pages.

Please carefully review all Consignor Information Pages before proceeding to your Consignor Homepage.
The Consignor Information Pages will give you detailed consignor instructions. Click the Consignor Access button on the top of our website for access to the following.
Consignor Information

Consignor ABC’s
Drop-Off, Pick-Up Schedules
How to Volunteer & Earn More
Consignor FAQ
Consignor Agreement
Donation Information
Facebook Group

Consignor Tools

Barcode FAQ
Barcode Worksheet
Barcode Printing Tips
Custom Tracking Worksheet

Sale Preparation

Prepare your Items
Accepted Items
Pricing Guidelines
Tagging Instructions

To access your Consignor Homepage, click the Consignor Login button on the top of our Teacher 2 Teacher website. Please carefully review all consignor instructional pages before proceeding to your consignor homepage.

After a careful review of all consignor information, click the Consignor Access button on the top of our website to access your Consignor Homepage.
From your Consignor Homepage you can:

  • Schedule a drop-off appointment
  • Sign up for a volunteer shift
  • Order Barcodes
  • Update account information

Are you ready to register for our Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale?



If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at