Volunteer Guidelines
Volunteers are invaluable members of the Teacher 2 Teacher team. With their dedication, commitment and willingness to give of their time and talents, they are crucial to not only the success of our sale, but to ensuring that all of our consignees, vendors and customers have a safe, fun and profitable experience. Whether you have already signed on, or are simply considering becoming a volunteer, we think you’ll find these guidelines and suggestions helpful:
  • It’s critical that all volunteers arrive on time. If running late, volunteers are asked to contact us immediately, by calling 720-448-0531.

  • In order to receive their special discounts and benefits, volunteers must stay throughout their entire assigned four-hour shift.

  • All Teacher 2 Teacher volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

  • We understand that unforeseen events can often disrupt a person’s schedule. Volunteers who must either change or cancel their shift should do so by visiting the Teacher 2 Teacher website no later than 11:00 PM, Friday, July 20th, 2017. After that deadline, volunteers who are unable to make their shift have two options available to them:

    • Find a suitable replacement able to work on their behalf. If the substitute completes the shift, the volunteer will still receive all applicable discounts and benefits.

    • Call the Teacher 2 Teacher office to make the necessary change (volunteers need to be aware, however, that shift availability may be limited). Volunteers who do so, and fulfill the entire shift, will receive their full perks/benefits.

  • Volunteers, who signed up to work shifts that occur prior to August 2nd, and who find it necessary to cancel or reschedule, must call 48-hours in advance of their shift.

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must: depending on their assignment, volunteers may be standing for the majority of their shift. We want everyone to be comfortable!

  • We provide volunteers with light snacks during their shift--water, soft drinks and some healthy food options. Volunteers will also be able to purchase food at the cafeteria located outside the sales hall.

  • Tasks are assigned based on the needs of the particular shift. Volunteers will be provided with complete instructions as to what is needed to fulfill their particular tasks. Whenever questions arise, we encourage volunteers to ask for help!

  • We ask that volunteers avoid shopping, talking on phones or texting during their shift. Our shoppers need to know they have our full attention.

  • Volunteers must sign in and out at each shift. Sign-in sheets will be located at the volunteer sign-in table.

  • Volunteers need to wear a Teacher 2 Teacher Volunteer lanyard—available after sign-in—during their shift. This helps shoppers readily identify members of our volunteer team.

  • We recommend that volunteers leave personal items at home, or keep them locked in their vehicle. We also recommend wearing something with pockets (jacket, fanny pack, etc.) to accommodate cell phones and keys.

  • We strongly request that volunteers NOT bring children to their shift.

  • Volunteering comes with responsibilities: anyone who receives presale passes and does not show up for their shift, will not be allowed to volunteer, consign or attend presale events the following year.

  • We want every volunteer experience to be fulfilling and enjoyable. We want our volunteers to have fun while at the sale!

  • We look forward to having you as a member of our Teacher 2 Teacher volunteer team!

If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at info@t2tsale.com.