Volunteer Job Descriptions
Volunteers play a vital role at a Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale. From presale to cleanup, volunteers perform a variety of jobs. The following descriptions outline the various jobs we will need help with before, during and after the sale. A detailed list of all volunteer jobs will be made available upon sign-up, and prior to the sales event. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about volunteer positions and responsibilities.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of our Teacher 2 Teacher volunteer team!
Planning, Promotional and Merchandise Preparation
Sales Lead (Volunteers)
Assist Teacher 2 Teacher staff with training, management and supervision of all sales volunteers before, during and after the sale

Sales Lead (Customer Checkout)
Assist with training, management and supervision of all cashiers and checkout volunteers throughout the sale

Publicity Volunteers
Mail, assemble and distribute promotional and giveaway materials

Tagging Service Volunteers
Prepare, price, input and tag all Teacher 2 Teacher and VIP consignor items

Set-up and drop-off
Set-up Volunteers
Set up sales venue, including sales floor, check-in stations, inspection stations, supply area, checkout area, etc.; set up all appropriate signage, inside and outside building

Coordinators
Sign in volunteers, consignors and exhibitors

Consignor Drop-Off Assistants
Assist consignors in bringing their items to the sales floor

Quality Control Volunteers/Inspectors
Inspect all consignor merchandise during check-in to insure that all items: 1) meet sale standards and consignor guidelines; 2) are properly tagged

During the sale
Presale and Public Event
Greet people as they enter the sale, and thank them for coming when they leave; distribute bags, provide floor maps; extend invitation to add attendees names to the mailing list; check items and receipts as customers leave the sale

Sales Floor Volunteers
Answer questions; help shoppers locate items on the sales floor; direct shoppers to exhibitors; help maintain the appearance of the sales floor; direct customers to holding tables, inspection stations, checkouts, etc.

Checkout Volunteers/Baggers
Assist cashiers, as needed; direct customers to cashier stations; help customers bag their purchases

Inspection Table Volunteers
Assist customers who wish to inspect merchandise prior to purchase

Holding Area Volunteers
Assist shoppers who want to have items held for them for a designated period of time

Help maintain order throughout the sale; be alert for possible shoplifters, and for unpaid merchandise leaving the venue

Mailing List Volunteers
Input customer email and postal addresses into a computer

Purchase Order Volunteers
Provide appropriate information to customers who wish to make payment using a purchase order

After the sale
Take-down and pick-up
Remove and relocate items from sales floor that had been designated for donation; sort remaining items by ID# for consignor pick-up

Sign-Out Coordinators
Direct consignors to items that are ready for pick-up; assist with checkout of consignors who participated in the sales event

Donation/Charity Pick-up Volunteers
Help sorters remove merchandise designated for donation, and prepare items for charity pick-up

Take-down Volunteers
Remove and pack all signage and sales supplies; remove and pack items from check-in, inspection, donation and checkout areas

If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at info@t2tsale.com.